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Smile! You're on....a Commercial????

Last week, when we were on Spring Break, I meandered out of bed and intended to park myself in front of the TV with a good cup of coffee and a bagel for a few rare moments of "zoning out".   I rarely get a moment just to sit and do "nothing".  Pete had "Good Morning America" on, which I hadn't seen in quite awhile.  I prepared my breakfast and entered the living room, crunching down on a piece of bagel and taking a sip of hot coffee - which nearly got spewed out of my mouth a few seconds later as I looked at the TV.  Apparently, my orthodontist had made some commercials since I had been a patient a few years ago... and, well, it was quite a shock, but I'll get to that in a minute....

Orthodontist you ask?  Well, not to change the subject, but yes, I did have orthodontics a few years ago to bring my teeth back into correction.  I wore metal braces for 5 years when I was a kid, suffered through a few TMJ surgeries, and a wisdom teeth extraction.   After wearing bite splints following my TMJ surgeries, I went back to my orthodontist for an evaluation.  He said I would no longer have to wear my retainers.   I'm not sure if that was simply bad advice or an honest mistake, but nonetheless my teeth began to relax over the past sixteen years...especially during all those pregnancies.     I began to fear that my TMJ would flare up again if I didn't get a handle on the situation, so I began to seek out an orthodontist that would take on the case; one who would do Invisalign in spite of my previous TMJ history.  After visiting several orthodontists in the area, I finally found one out in Kansas that would handle my treatment.  I was SO glad that I found it.  It's a wonderful practice and one I would highly recommend to anyone seeking orthodontic care!  I also now know that retainers should be worn on a regular basis to keep teeth in alignment!    I smile all the time (or at least I'm told I do), so I am very grateful to have straight teeth again!

So, back to the story.  I looked up to see a familiar face, Dr. Fry.  I was happy to see him on TV... he is a very nice man.  I thought, "Oh, that's neat he's made some commercials" and got ready to sit down.  That's when it happened.  I was on the commercial.  What?  I grabbed the remote and rewound it.  Sure enough, there I was, sitting and talking to Dr. Fry's son.  That's when I almost spit the coffee out of my mouth!   I couldn't believe it, but there I was.  I rewound it several times just to let it sink in.

See if you can spot me.  I have on a dark blue shirt...

Later, I was even more surprised to know that I was in one from last year, too.  Celeste found these on You Tube, otherwise I never would have known it.  See if you can spot me again.  The video was taken the same day, so look for the same dark blue shirt...

I have to admit that I felt like I was on Candid Camera, but I also felt honored to be in the commercial of such a respected practice.  Thanks guys!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."  Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT)

Happy Birthday to my niece and nephew in the great Hoosier state!  Hope you have many birthday blessings this year!   Your Auntie loves you!

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