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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Some Pictures from Vacation

We're still getting settled from our trip, but things are slowly returning to normal.  Titus actually got the yard mowed yesterday (and the neighbor's), we picked up some groceries, and cleaned the house a bit.  The house (after being closed up for two weeks) had a not-so-pleasant odor, so cleaning was a top priority!  Pete and I got up to see our friend's new baby girl last night- she's a sweetie.

Today we have a birthday.  Our oldest (Titus) turns 13!  But, I haven't done any shopping for him, nor planned for a cake yet, so I have a lot to do.    I also have to balance the books and pay bills, so I'd better get on with today's post.   I thought you all might enjoy seeing some pictures from our trip.  I will post a few today and some more tomorrow.


The Forty-One Year Old Stroller.  This is the stroller that Aunt Becky gave me.  Isn't it awesome? Very "retro" as Aunt Becky would say!  Of course, she had to point out that it had blue stars on it.. for a BOY (since Shad was the one using it).

People have a hard time believing me when I say there's a hitching post outside the
local grocery store, so I took this during one of our stops at the store....

North Eastern Ohio is full of farms and fields, as well as industry. One thing we noticed is that there were a lot of farmers bailing hay in big bundles.  Tractor after tractor in field after field. Nothing says "harvest" like the moon.  We captured this shot one night while coming home from a visit with family.

In school, my kids have been doing an in-depth study of the Civil War.  Ohio's was one of the key states (3rd behind New York and Pennsylvania) to aid in troops (320,000 soldiers), officers, and supplies for the Union Army- supporting Lincoln's call to arms in 1861.  Five Presidents came from the ranks of Ohio Civil War Officers:  Grant, Garfield, McKinley, Hayes, and B. Harrison.  Other famous Major Generals included:  Custer, Sherman, and McCook.  Before the Civil War broke out, Ohio was known for being part of the Underground Railroad.  This is one of the most fascinating and inspiring pieces of history to my kids (and probably most kids).  Songs of the slaves led the way, giving clues to where they should go.  Two homes (that we know for sure) that were used in the "railroad" are in my hometown:

This home (see white home above) is the oldest standing in my hometown.  It is said that they kept the slaves in the attic.  The larger brick home (below) was also used. 

Moses celebrated a birthday while we were out there.  He got just what he asked for... a catchers outfit.

A few more pictures will follow tomorrow...

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