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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Something Fun for the Kids

We’ve been looking forward to going to the zoo this week during our Spring Break.  I thought we would make it there yesterday, but among the dental and doctor appointments (3 different ones) we just didn’t have the time to do it.  Today isn’t working out much better because it’s supposed to rain all day.   

We love going to the zoo.   I have enjoyed animals ever since I was a kid. One of my favorite kinds of animals at the zoo are the hippos.  The kids seem to like them too.   Zeke just likes them because of the song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.    When you see them at the zoo, you’re not sure if they’re a rock under the water or what until you see those little tiny ears pop up out of the water and then the snout.  Then you’re fascinated with the size.  According to Wikipedia, the only mammal larger than the hippo today is the elephant.  Did you know that even though they seem really gentle, they are considered very aggressive and can sprint short distances at a speed of about thirty miles per hour?  

When I was looking up some Scriptures yesterday, I came across the word “hippopotamus” on a topical index.  I was surprised, so I went and checked it out.  The actual word in the Bible is “Behemoth”. Searching further in the dictionary I found that the definition actually referenced the Biblical passage 1.) an animal described in Job 40:15 that is probably the hippopotamus 2.) something of oppressive or monstrous size or power.

This is what the passage says:

"Look at the land beast, Behemoth. I created him as well as you.
   Grazing on grass, docile as a cow—
Just look at the strength of his back,
   the powerful muscles of his belly.
His tail sways like a cedar in the wind;
   his huge legs are like beech trees.
His skeleton is made of steel,
   every bone in his body hard as steel.
Most magnificent of all my creatures,
   but I still lead him around like a lamb!
The grass-covered hills serve him meals,
   while field mice frolic in his shadow.
He takes afternoon naps under shade trees,
   cools himself in the reedy swamps,
Lazily cool in the leafy shadows
   as the breeze moves through the willows.
And when the river rages he doesn't budge,
   stolid and unperturbed even when the Jordan goes wild.
But you'd never want him for a pet—
   you'd never be able to housebreak him!"   Job 40:15 (The Message)

Sounds like the hippo to me! 

Kids are intrigued about animals.   Any time I’ve taught kids about “The Creation” or “Noah and the Ark”, they always ask me about the animals…especially about dinosaurs. Then it dawned on me.  How many more animals could we find in Scripture?

So, if it’s a rainy day where you are (like it is here) try out my idea of creating a Scripture zoo.  Use your computer search engine or online Bible topical indexes and search for yourself!

How many more animals can you find in the Bible?  Hint:  There are 3 more besides the Behemoth in the passage above.  Did you find them???


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