Expectant Prayers ®

Jennifer Jo Weiss

Summer Camp

The kids returned home yesterday afternoon with stories, deeper tans,  lots of laughs, and TONS on laundry.  I am working on more this morning... I think the 5th...and last... load.  If you or your kids have ever been to camp, you know that everything (clothing, bedding, etc) absorbs that terrific "camp smell".   So.. it's off to be laundered. 

And why is it that when you see your kids only after a week, they seem more grown up and they look SO much bigger?????

Zeke and Levi were so excited to see their siblings.  In fact, I think Zeke slept in Celeste's bed last night!
I am glad that they care for each other that much and are much happier and content when we are all together.  I feel better now that everyone is home, too.  It's a mom-thing.  I will miss "Babymoon", but we are coming away more relaxed and ready to face our busy, hectic schedules again.  

Today holds lots of fun, so I'm not going to write a lengthy post.  We're getting everything ready for school today and hopefully will start on Monday.  I like to get a jump on the syllabus and make sure we stay on time and on track, so we're usually several weeks ahead.  That will help after I have the baby because we can take some time off if we need it.  Everyone is really excited about our new session beginning... no, really! 

Have a blessed day! 

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