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Jennifer Jo Weiss

The Pine Wood Derby 2007

The annual Pine Wood Derby was held this past Saturday.  This year we ended up making cars for all of the kids.  Here they are from our youngest son's "Z-Mobile" clear down to  our oldest son's bobsled!

The races went very well and moved along without a lot of interruptions in between.  We came home with 2 ribbons for Titus and Celeste.  Titus won 3rd place for "Most Unusual Car" in his age group.  Celeste received a 1st place ribbon for "Most Unusual Car" in her age group!  My husband said with a tear in his eye, "Finally we are recognized for being most unusual!"  LOL


Here are some better closeups of the bobsled.  Each face had a different expression on it.  We painted the heads while they were stuck to a Q-Tip.  I made an extra one, which Titus turned into the "Coach" and he carried it around all during the races, giving instruction to his team. 


Here are the cheese mobile and the Z-Mobile in more detail.


Moses' car was actually a red truck and Levi had a metallic blue race car with fire painted on the hood and sides.  Even though they didn't win anything, they enjoyed the cars and still play with them.  Zeke was too young to race a car, but of course, we couldn't leave him out!

I couldn't end my race reporting without mentioning our friend Bill's torpedo car won every race it entered!  He raced it as a Commander.  I think he came home with an arm-load of ribbons!  His son, Joe had a cool submarine car (which the torpedo complimented).  Congratulations, Bill.  We know all that winning wore you out! 

The entries from our church fared very well.  We were proud of ALL the kids and their cars!

Have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow!

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