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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Tied UP and Cutting a Way Free

When you were a kid (or hey, maybe you were an adult).... did you ever have someone tie your shoelaces together when you didn't know it? Picture the scenario.  You're talking away with someone else, not paying attention to the little deviant lurking in the shadows ready to pounce.  They sneak up on you and begin to undo your laces and tie them together. The distraction of your conversation makes you totally unaware of the dastardly deed that has been committed.  Not knowing you've been "tied up",  you try to take off for some unknown destination and you fall FLAT on your face.  In your pain and sudden fit of embarrassment/rage, you notice something off in the distance...the rustling of some bushes.  Hidden out of sight by the covering of green leaves... you hear a little chuckle of the perpetrator, giggling uncontrollably at your misfortune!   

"Why I ought 'a...."

Ever feel like that's happening to you in the Spiritual?   You're going along in life feeling like your footing is pretty sure, when all of the sudden it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under you?  The next thing you know, you're flat on your face.  But, you don't have to take it lying down and guess what... you don't have to stay in tied up shoes!  Take 'em off and then get a better look at the situation.

The works of the enemy are often "ties that bind" us in the spiritual, but sometimes we allow ourselves to be "tied up" in life.  Other times we cannot help feeling the bondage of our situations, such as when the unexpected happens (death of a loved one, loss of a job, poor health)   Job talks about the "cords" of affliction (Job 36: .  Psalms tells us about "cords the wicked put out as a snare for us"  (Psalm 140:5).  Psalms, Proverbs,and Isaiah speak about the "cords of iniquity and sin". 

Praise God for verses like Psalm 129:4  "The LORD is righteous: He hath cut asunder the cords of the wicked."

God divinely and supernaturally cuts, destroys, tears off, removes, and crushes the bonds that tie us!

So, if this message is for YOU today, visualize this in the spirit and agree with me in prayer...

God is cutting it OFF today!  Let His anointing rest on you and break the yolk of bondage!
                         He has promised to make your footing sure and your paths straight!

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