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Jennifer Jo Weiss

Urgent Prayer Needed

My mother had a stroke this morning.  My dad was downstairs on the computer when he heard a "thud".  He went upstairs and found mom on the floor of the bedroom.  The ambulance came and took her to the local hospital where initial diagnosis was stroke.  They took her in for a cat scan where they found 2 massive areas of bleeding on the brain.  They had to put a tube in her head because of the swelling.  She has been on coumadin (blood thinner) because she has a mechanical valve in her heart.  Having an internal bleed like the brain bleeding is critical.  Doctors told our family that there isn't anything they can do for her.  They then transported her via life flight to a nearby larger hospital.    No word on her status for the past hour or so.  My dad and Aunt Becky are there with her now.

My sister and her family are on their way and my husband and three of our six kids will start out in a few hours for Ohio.  The last word I received was that it looked very grim.  Those of you who have been with me for a long time remember that we almost lost her last year at this time.   Please pray for all of us. 

There may not be too many updates, but Sharon may be able to update her Facebook once they arrive.  It will take my family around 15 hours for the trip and we do not expect to arrive before noon tomorrow - that's why no frequent updates.   we are prepared for the worst, but God is in control.  There is peace in the midst of the storm.

We would appreciate your prayers!  we'll update when we can.   Jenni

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